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Artists reinventing themselves - Madonna


Let's talk about Madonna, today the world's commercially most successful female singer (#4 after Elvis, The Beatles and Michael Jackson).

She cannot be pegged as having a single style - she reinvented herself several times throughout her career: from black funk and disco, over commercial pop music, soundtrack, jazz, ballades, house, hip-hop, R'n'B, to trip-hop, ambient and electronica.

Thus, Madonna deserves a blog post at Lyrical IP, despite the fact that I couldn't discover any IP-related terms in her lyrics.

As a very special goody for today, I am posting an original interview with Madonna recorded in the early nineties by a good friend of mine who interviewed many national German and international singers and bands:

Among other things, Madonna speaks about one of her songs having a Parental Advisory Sticker, and her general opinion about this. She doesn't mind a rating system but she doesn't agree with the way things are judged. Also, she suggests everyone should have a camera follow them around for six months and then watch it :-) Interesting suggestion!

BTW: If you like listening to interviews like the one posted here, drop me a note or a comment. There is ample material digitized for eternity in my friend's and mine possession.

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