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COVID-19, patents, and conspiracy

To begin with, let's look at the phrase "Plandemic", often used in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. post, we will see a few of the relevant lyrics addressing COVCOVID9 and patents, i.e., blaming the patent system.

To begin with, let's look at the phrase "Plandemic", often used in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two relevant video publications from 2020 exist in this connection:

  • "Plandemic - The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19" and

  • "Plandemic: Indoctornation".

Both promote misinformation about the pandemic.

American artist Roci Masa published his album "YEAR 2020" comprising a number of pandemic-related titles, such as "Corona Plague" and "Plandemic". The lyrics of the latter allege the patent system to contribute to profit-making from misinformation about the pandemic:

Covid-19 they patent that shit The government go find a way to profit and shit They false claiming deaths on Death Certificates They fucking up the economy call spending deficits They PARASITIC!

OrthodAkhs Sounds, a rap formation from Orlando, Florida, are riding the same wave. In their song "Covid" they take an anti-vaccination position and openly discuss conspiracy theories. It's the only lyrics I came across so far citing a US patent number (the patent, by the way, relates to SARS, nucleic acids and proteins from the SARS coronavirus, and methods to treat the disease):

Which theory fits clearly, pandemic conspiracy Still leary, and weary, please don't come near me Media spreads panic, CDC runs the tyranny Start with origins, we need some transparency Population control, purge the old and sick Coronavirus patents exist, go head and google it... US2006...257852 sounds fixed Kissinger in play, check his document Death tolls rising, stay hiding, we all still divided Vaccines?, not I man, no way I'm signing Abide by what guide when none coincide and Surviving by God's will, fight don't stay silent They lying.

On their Facebook page, many people comment on and like their song. It seems that Facebook's algorithms don't analyze the language behind references thus allowing conspiracy theories to be spread through second level content.

Another interesting one is the song "Little Miss Contagious" from Charles Cooley, a New Zealand singer and songwriter, published 2021 on his album Lone Wolf. In the lyrics patents are accused of impeding vaccination, while admittedly the pandemic doesn't seem to be neglected:

You give everyone an eyeful just like covid you went viral But there ain't no vaccination cos they haven't got the patent

Off topic, as no IP-related language is used, there is a band called COVID-19. In their song of the same name they propose to use UV rays to kill all pathogens in the air. If it was so easy to end the pandemic ...

Ultra Violet C Kills all the pathogens in the air As long as I've got battery I'm good anywhere
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