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Filaments - Edison or Swan?

The Edison and Swan Electric Light Company Limited established in 1883 was the result of the avoidance of a costly dispute over violation of patent rights owned by Thomas Edison on the one hand side, and Joseph Swan on the other hand side.

This interesting historical fact has been made the subject of Daniel Tedford's song Filament, released 2020 on his debut album EGOBOO.

The lyrics refer to the Edison/Swan patent dispute as follows:

Burning up the candle at both ends The patents filed, profits rolling in Behold! The truth unfolds that Edison's a fraud For he claimed the work of Swan as his own

Interestingly, patents are directly linked to profits generated by marketing the protected inventions, which is certainly an important aspect of the patent system besides fostering ongoing innovation. Luckily both cited inventors were smart enough (at least their lawyers were smart enough to advise) to lay down their dispute and join forces to rule the world of light for a certain period of time.

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