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Hairy and devilish inventions

1996 Detroit-formed rock band Electric Six (also called E6), is well known for using The Devil as the subject-matter of their songs, such as their fourteenth studio album is called "Bride of the Devil". In E6's song "The New Shampoo" release in 2013, The Devil has invented a new shampoo:

Running out of supplies of the new shampoo They riding in Shanghai in Kalamazoo So come on over give the Devil his due 'Cause he's the inventor of the new shampoo

The entire song is a persiflage of the shampoo industry associating health and happiness with freshly washed, full and flowing hair. In a really clever way the band blends commercial shampoo footage with hilarious scenes from an office guy with long blond hair.

It's definitely worth watching and one of the most amusing clips I've ever seen.

And if The Devil inventing a new shampoo wasn't enough allegoric for how the marketing industry influences our perception of reality, the band enumerates a number of well-known shampoo brands on the song's lyrics ensuring every listener understands the allegory :-)

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