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Inventive Band Name

Less lyrical, but still interesting to discuss is the Philippine band "Six Part Invention" (SPI). They released their debut album in 2006.

According to the Philippine Star, in 2013 the band was composed of four members who created music out of six instruments: the four 'real' band members plus a sequencer counting for two additional instruments.

The equation seem to be 'two plus four is equal to Six Part Invention', or something like that.

Unfortunately, none of the band's songs comprises any further hint to Intellectual Property, so that the unusual explanation of 4 plus 1 sequencer equals 6 instruments seems to be the only innovation the band ever made (with mathematical equations obviously being excluded from patentability).

The WordCloud of the band's English language lyrics reveals the major topics addressed in their songs: Heart, love, feelings.

Not novel, but certainly positive vibes we all need.

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