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Jayne Mansfield's signature look

With Hey Jane Mansfield Superstar! by British new wave band Sigue Sigue Sputnik the bra takes another round in lyrics (see my earlier post Inventing of the bra - a hoax). The song addresses Jayne Mansfield's signature features: high heels and her bra.

By way of history, when Ms. Mansfield in the late 50s was with Mickey Hargitay the couple became famous for their matching leopard print bathing suits worn when performing their “Tarzan and Jane” act. Jayne's signature look made her widely known as “the girl in the leopard-print bikini”.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik's homage to Jayne Mansfield acknowledges her signature features as follows:

Headless 7th wonder yes you are Cha cha heels and patent bra Hey, Jane Mansfield, superstar
Hits and lips and guns guitar Hey, Jane Mansfield, star Patent heels and cha cha bra

Nice to see that IP terms are employed to emphasize the uniqueness and signature-style of celebrities!

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