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Patents - Positive at last!

In 2019, German singer Luzify released his album Obsidian on various streaming platforms.

The album comprises among others a track named "Patent".

The lyrics are a homage to the singer's wife or girl friend, and he compares her with a patent:

Denn sie will meine Liebe Sie interessiert sich nicht für Geld Es gibt kein Streit nur Friede Diese Frau ist mein Patent

or in English (sorry, doesn't rhyme):

'Cause she wants my love
She doesn't care about money
There is no argument only peace
This woman is my patent

Glad to see that patents are finally considered something positive :-) connected with love. Rarely enough, the couple's relationship isn't based on financial aspects but on affection and peace.

However, it seems that the singer considers the relationship with the mentioned woman as monopolized, hence the application of the phrase "patent". The question if jealousy played a role for the composer yet remains unanswered.

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