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S.O.S. - Are patents a bad thing?

S.O.S. (Mother Nature) -'s song gets us thinking.

Born in 1975 as William James Adams, is best known as one of the founding members of The Black Eyed Peas.

His 2007 album Songs About Girls contains the title S.O.S. (Mother Nature) which addresses environmental destruction and political corruption. The songwriter points out that patents cover helpful, yet monopolized, technologies which would help mankind to address today's challenges but corruption and bad politics make our planet die. Implicitly, blames politically motivated abuse of the patent system:

Cause we could make a vehicle that runs off ashes But they own a patent for that, and that's exactly what's happening Corruption and b*** politics The planet's gonna die cause of b*** politics

The full lyrics are worth reading and reflecting on.

I personally don't share's apocalyptic view but trust that the patent system fosters innovation to overcome our current challenges!

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