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Statistics - who could live without these?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

It's time for some statistics, to make you excited what and how much you may expect following this Blog :-)

According to my researches, in 4,061,329 songs included in 1,085,288 albums from 341,378 different artists ( the following typical IP phrases are used:

  • Invention: mentioned 1,969 times, covering appealing song titles such as Wonderful Invention, My Greatest Invention, Time Machine Invention, and New Invention. The latter obviously lacks sufficient IP knowledge as inventions are always novel, otherwise they would be part of the prior art.

  • Patent: mentioned 1,597 times, including German artist's Sero song Patent auf meinen Laufstil (patent on my running style). Admittedly, the word "patent" is often used as adverb and adjective, like in "patently" so that this figure may not be correctly representing the actual IP-related occurrences in lyrics.

  • Trademark: mentioned 797 times, including deeply philosophic lyrics such as you don't need a trademark to go your own way by Pacifier (watch the video)

  • Inventor: mentioned 622 times, among which Gusttavo Lima in one of his songs searches for the Inventor of Love (Inventor Dos Amores): Procura entre os outros o inventor dos amores.

So, the winner is: Invention!

Stay tuned for discussions of lyrics including this major IP phrase (sorry, dear TM colleagues!)

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