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Symphonic metal inventions

Dutch symphonic metal band EPICA founded 2002 by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen released their album "The Holographic Principle" on September 30, 2016. The album comprises the title "Universal Death Squad" heavily criticizing uncontrolled technological development ultimately resulting in doomsday.

To the liking of any patent attorney, the lyrics address the creative process and implicitly the patentability criteria of inventive step (while in the lyrics, creating and inventing might be considered as synonymous):

Inventing Improving Creating Existence embraces the technological remedy

Well-known from movies starring a famous Austrian bodybuilder and later Californian governor, advanced technology isn't always good for the world but would literally "at the end of the day" result in judgement day:

Robotic legions, stand in line to carry out The retribution and effects of this advanced technology All new inventions have to pay They have to fight their way to judgement day (Technological times shall flourish)

So, overall EPICA's statements are neither novel nor inventive, but the interpretation in a melodic yet aggressive piece of music is worth mentioning.

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