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The patented Mars-flower

Solo-artist and producer "Pynner" (Mark Pynn) released his debut album "2081" on February 15, 2019.

It comprises electronic, rock and hip-hop styles. According to the artist, "it is a science-fiction concept album about a dystopian society in which corporate greed has led the world into a series of tragic disasters.

The lyrics of the track "The Flowmo Corporation" start right away with a reference to Intellectual Property: Patented the Mars-flower; followed by the lines:

I have unlimited power For survivala Unethical I will be unaccountable

As it occurs to me, the IP system is held accountable for having unethical limited power without accountability. This is massive criticism, not always unjustified if we only consider, for example, the activities of NPEs (aka patent trolls).

Anyway, the song is good listening and (if as an IP lawyer you don't listen to the text) suitable for some good moments on the dance floor.

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