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Zeitgeist-destroying grindcore

British grindcore (extreme fusion of heavy metal and hardcore punk originated in the mid 1980s) band Napalm Death, released their album 'Apex predator' on January 23, 2015. The album comprises the track Stunt your growth.

Well, if death metal isn't your kind of music, I don't recommend clicking on the YouTube link above. Napalm Death’s long-serving vocalist Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway admitted that "Some of the sounds that we use are deliberately designed to annoy people, no question." ... no comment.

Seriously, the album was inspired by the building collapse in Bangladesh, the Rana Plaza in April 2013. It criticizes that life is considered to be cheaper in some parts of the world in favor of those who consume. Again, patents are alleged to play a role in exploiting the poorer countries blocking the growth in these:

Spread of seed over many expanses Cycles It would grow regardless out of these behemoth's clutches Claimants to the last drop Patents block the begging bowls Owned to stunt your growth

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